Scott J. Morgan

My world is about line, color, form, balance, movement and music…GETTING TO THE ESSENCE OF BEAUTY AND PERFECTION

… I noticed a veritable history lesson in 20th century abstraction. Morgan seems to pay homage to the most influential abstract artists, from Wassily Kandinsky to the New York School on up to Richard Diebenkorn. But this artist has put much of himself into these pieces as well; you can see this part-time musician’s tendencies in his jazz-like compositions.

Curtis Olson

Planet Jackson Hole , Newspaper, Sept. 26, 2003

About Scott

For the past 30 years, he has been combining his skills as artist and designer on canvas and in the landscape. His paintings evolve through an intuitive approach that requires a dynamic medium. Oil paint provides the flexibility to allow Scott to move through many scenarios and dialogues with the paint.

Originally from New York, Scott lived in Florida for 25 years before moving to the northwest. After 20 years in Seattle, WA., he has returned to the east coast. Scott brings a unique variety of experience and influence to his art. His journeys to Mexico, China, Central America and the Caribbean have influenced his color palette and sense of style. His experiences as a professional musician are evident in the rhythm and movement in his paintings. The structural and sculptural qualities seen in his work are informed by his extensive career as a landscape architect.

The Artist

Patrons of Scott’s work often comment on the lyrical, narrative quality of the pieces. They are crafted in the tradition of short stories, passages of improvisational music and poetry. Movement and rhythm, line, form and color are the tools that provide links to the evolving story line.

These ‘stories’ or ‘songs’ unfold as an abstract translation of Scott’s inspiration and perspective. Scott invites us, the audience, to participate in the dialogue through our individual and unique interpretation.

Call Scott to visit his studio in Southern Vermont or you can find him surfing the cold clear waters of New Hampshire and Maine.

Why Scott Paints…

“Well, of course this answer is subject to change, but…My motivation in painting is to tap into the sublime and perfection of the universe. My goal is to present this to the viewer not with the obvious but with intriguing forms and compositions that allow them to get to the essence of beauty and perfection themselves. I want people to be moved and inspired by the simple intersection of lines and color. I want people to experience simple beauty, the way a circle or triangle are beautiful, through forms that have never been seen before, although seem somehow familiar. I want my work to be pure and beautiful fine art, unencumbered by social content and personal angst. The term “abstract expressionism” seems limiting to me, I’d consider calling what I do..’ambiguously representational’. I feel like I’m accessing something deeply spiritual whenever I stumble on the right combination of line, movement, color, balance. The paintings evolve the way a sculptor chisels away at a stone to reveal the inherent form of an eagle. I want to be known for creating the perfect curve, and a composition that offers a lifetime of intrigue.”

Scott J. Morgan
recorded July, 2010
WaterMusicArt Studios
Chester, VT